Cardio Omega Benefits®

Premium supplement that supports your overall well-being with the assurance of superior quality and efficacy.

DE3 Omega Benefits®

Specifically formulated for those experiencing occasional eye dryness, De 3 Omega Benefits® provides targeted support where it’s needed most.

Eye Omega Benefits for Kids Liquid

Eye Omega Benefits for Kids contains high-quality EPA and DHA for Children’s Healthy Eyes.*

Mediviz Eyelid Wipes

MediViz Eyelid Wipes are pre-moistened wipes designed to cleanse the eyelids and lashes.

Heyedrate Lid & Lash Cleanser 2oz

Cleanse and soothe your eyelids and lashes, reducing irritation caused by dry eye, blepharitis, and other conditions.

PRN Heyedrate PRO Eyelid Wipes

PRN Heyedrate Pro Eyelid Wipes is your solution for gentle and effective eye hygiene. These soothing wipes cleanse and refresh your eyelids, removing debris and irritants. Perfect for daily use, they help maintain healthy eyes and promote comfort throughout the day. Each pack contains 30 wipes.

nūmaqula Package

nūmaqula Omega-3

nūmaqula omega-3 is packed with 1440mg of DHA and 400mg of EPA, along with lutein and zeaxanthin as recommended by eye doctors and researchers.

nūmaqula vitamin

nūmaqula vitamin contains the same ingredients as the formula used in the AREDS2® study, but with unique enhancements as recommended by top researchers and eye doctors.*

DE Omega Benefits® Liquid

Custom formulation for occasional eye dryness.


PRN’s nūretin® is the preferred omega-3 for patients in need of retina support.*

EO3-Eye Omega Advantage

EO 3 is packed with 920mg of EPA and 920mg of DHA, along with lutein and zeaxanthin as recommended by eye doctors and researchers.

Omega-V Vegan Algae Oil

100% Vegan Source of Omega-3s to support healthy eye function*. Omega-V Benefits® is packed with 670mg of DHA and 330mg of EPA from algae, NOT fished-based sources.

FO3-Flex Omega Benefits®

Fo3-Flex Omega Benefits is formulated to support optimal eye health providing a lasting supply for daily eye care.

Mediviz Warm Eye Mask