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How it works:

Studies show that daily intake of the nutrients found in nūmaqula vitamin may help support healthy macular function for patients who are in need of this support.*1,2


nūmaqula vitamin

Product Description:

nūmaqula vitamin contains the same ingredients as the formula used in the AREDS2® study, but with unique enhancements as recommended by top researchers and eye doctors.*

Servings Per Bottle:

90 servings = 90 days (3 months). Ordering options below are for 1 bottle (3 month supply), 2 bottles (6 month supply), or 4 bottles (12 month supply).


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Q: How does nūmaqula vitamin compare to other AREDS2® based products? A: PRN’s nūmaqula vitamin contains the same ingredients used in the AREDS2® study, but with 3 unique, science-based enhancements as recommended by top researchers and eye doctors. Complete Vitamin E Natural vitamin E exists in eight separate forms and is most effective when consumed altogether. Most store-bought brands only include 1 form (d-alpha-tocopherol).1 Added B-Vitamins Contains the full B-vitamin complex, a powerful combination of nutrients that have been shown in research to support healthy macular function.2 Lowered Zinc Contains 25mg of zinc, which has been shown to be safe and just as effective as 80mg.3
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